Consuling in Functional Products and Foods

Gluten Free & Vegan

Feeling what it is to be intolerant and have a food allergy (gluten, casein, whey, lactose, eggs etc.) and being vegan as well, I understand the enormous difficulty that people with these same 'traits' experience on a daily basis.


The simple fact of going to a restaurant, bakery, cafeteria has become a great challenge. Every day I felt more confined to my own home, where I felt "relatively" safe.


Friends reduced the invitations with fears about what they would offer me to eat. Many told me that I was antisocial and that it was not polite to reject what they offered me, for they would be offended. They simply did not understand that the offense would be much greater for me, for ingestion that would make me very sick ... that was the beginning of my mission in favor of Gastronomic Inclusion.


The difficulties challenged me and I specialized in the free feeding of allergenic ingredients, whatever they are and focused on biochemical individuality, using the bioavailability of the nutrients.


Today I am convinced that I made the best decision I could: I chose health and well-being as a way of life including all the renegades, oppressed and suffering from this gastronomic world.


I understand you!


A Little Bit About Me

Marcelo Facini - Consultant for Functional Foods and Products

Executive with an MBA in Finance and Marketing from FGV and author of the book 'A Toast to Health - Gluten-free and Lactose free, PLEASE!', Marcelo Facini abdicated his career in multinationals to follow his passion: the functional gastronomy.


He studied at prestigious international gastronomic schools: The Cordon Vert (United Kingdom), Le Cordon Bleu (USA), Ecole Ritz Escoffier (Paris), Natural Gourmet Institute (New York), among others. She attended Indian and Thai cooking courses in Brazil.


He is certified in Personal & Professional Coach, by the Brazilian Society of Coaching and in Health & Wellnes Coach, by Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Rice University, Texas.


He served as general director and consultant for VP Consultoria Nutricional - the largest functional clinical, sports, phytotherapeutic and gastronomic functional nutrition company in the country.


He currently owns the Annibale & Facini consulting firm specializing in the development of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and functional foods