Consuling in Functional Products and Foods

Gluten Free & Vegan

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We understand that "luxury" is being able to be yourself anywhere in the world, with your preferences, restrictions, allergies and intolerances. It is frustrating to go to a cafe, restaurant, bakery, hotel, spa and dining venues and feel restricted only to drinks or a simple green leafy salad. With this in mind, we create functional menus, or adapt existing dishes. We give a new look to the creations of a chef, preserving the exact texture, nutrients, vitamins and flavors, making them healthier and more balanced, this is called "Food Intelligence", which is the basis of all our work.

Marcelo Facini
SPAs and Hotels


To meet the most demanding customers it is necessary to satisfy their needs in all spheres.


Nothing worse than being in a wonderful place, first class service and not being able to eat quietly as the hotel is not (or often "thinks it") prepared to serve you.


Get to know our functional and balanced functional menu solutions.



Product Development

We develop new online products of the most innovative in the world market for healthy foods. We value natural preservatives and additives, quality, flavor and textures that meet the taste of the population.


We guarantee the creation of innovative and healthy products that will have acceptance in the Brazilian and worldwide market.


We work together with your team of food engineers, food technicians and nutritionists in order to follow the company's quality standards as well as the industrial processes inherent to the project.



Bakeries, Snack bars and Cafes

Based on your restrictions, allergies and food intolerances we create a complete seal of breads, cakes, savory and sweet, all free of gluten, milk and dairy products, eggs and other allergenic ingredients.


We make revenue development, give training, advertise the establishment and maintain a long-term partnership agreement.